The One True God
Forsaking pantheons, worship of Thantyr is a relatively new phenomenon. Prophets extolling the virtues and benefits of following the Light of Thantyr began appearing in the largest cities, targeting the vulnerable, gaining a large following utilising street preaching and city square vigils, until the congregation grew so big and influential as to capture the minds of the nobility. Small churches and places of worship began to spring up, followed by cathedrals and schools.

Thantyr is an inclusive religion. It views all traditional polytheistic, monotheistic and spirit or ancestor veneration as forms of worship for Thantyr. Although the methods may be different, and the names foreign, it is all considered Thantyr’s Light. Provided, of course, that the deity in question follows the same or similar principles as the teachings in the Book of Thantyr.

Thantyr hates, with a fiery vengeful passion, those who would pervert natural order. Demons, undeath and the worship of dark gods are all anathema to Thantyr and his followers.

Thantyr inspires an almost zealous passion in its most strict adherents, hence the establishment of its militant orders. Most large cathedrals will contain a barracks housing up to 100 armed paladins and clerics. These men and women (Thantyr does not distinguish between gender) are sworn to the faith as well as one of several orders. Each Order has a Grand Master, who sits on Thantyr’s Council with the other elected leaders of the church. These men and women are responsible for managing the affairs of the faith as a whole, deciding where new places of worship shall be built, the financial situation of the church, and where the Light of Thantyr shall burn away the heretical.


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