Thaddius Regulus Octavius Rex

Paladin of Thantyr, strong of body and conviction


“Thaddius, eh? Mountain of a man, one of the biggest and strongest I’ve ever had the pleasure to train. A true believer. The light of Thantyr burns strong in that one.”

Thaddius began his life like many others who fight in the militant orders of Thantyr. Swaddled in a hessian cloth, screaming on the doorstep of an orphanage run by the church. Raised surrounded by the faithful, his size marked him for a future smiting the evils of the world. At a mountainous 7 feet, many whisper he is the offspring of an unholy pairing of a human and giant or ogre. People don’t tend to say this within earshot. Clad in full gleaming scale armour, crimson tabard proudly bearing the sigil of his militant order, the Cohort Incendium Gladio, bald head tattooed with protective sigils and signs of faith, he is an intimidating foe.

He quickly grasped the military and religious teachings of his Order, earning many accolades and triumphs. He is well campaigned, having taken part in over a dozen crusades and purges. He is lauded for his convictions by his peers, but can be seen as overly zealous and single minded by those outside of his faith.

He has been sent to Knife’s Edge by his Order Master to ascertain whether the rumours of profane worship and the presence of darkness are true. He is also tasked with establishing a presence for Thantyr at the boomtown.

Thaddius Regulus Octavius Rex

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