Skulls of Gomorgh

The Unearthed Temple (Part 4)

That's Not a Black Rock

Memorable Quotes

  • “Classic Crackers!”
  • “You’re all weird and I want to kill you all” – Booger with regard to his kinsman

At Blackrock the group finds a human being held captive by a band of halfings. Contary to normal human behaviour he has raw magic shooting from his chest? Krastas attempts to discern what kind of magic it is but not being nature based, can’t get a handle on it

Further investigation reveals that the man’s name is “Lon” and that not just the halflings have been mining; there are some other mine workers as well.

Suddenly, something starts happening to the black rock! It starts to move.

Background info: Dragons are known to have existed but are very rare and have not been seen in hundreds of years. As such, they are mythical and few enough to be known by name. Dragons are viewed in a similar light to forces of nature, like a tsunami. The group is not aware that any were still alive. Dragons are potentially intelligent, ie, not just an animal.


After the battle, Crackers is crowned the group’s saviour with his fearless attackes.

Interesting Fact: to the Plains Elves, “Balazark” is the name for the Dragon of the Plains (not necessarily the one the group has encountered).

Upon inspection of the massive crater left by the Dragon, there appears to be a corpse at the bottom. The skeleton doesn’t appear to be human as we know, being around 12ft tall. The body is wearing armour and is fossilised.

The body is also wearing a circlet/crown engraved with ancient writing. The language is “Giant” and it says “Prince of the Black Iron” and on the back continues “He Who No Man Can Kill.” (worth 3-700sp, but need to get it valued).

The Giant for for his people, who The Black Rock slayed “I cast him down and he with me.” His sword is called “Groundbreaker” and was plunged into the Dragon’s heart to cast him down. The sword was built for this purpose.

The Black Rock will search out the Giants if there are any left and vice versa. They are mortal enemies. Magic is coming back to the world and the Dragon has helped waked it up. He is the first of others.


Jarrod mattfrench

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