Skulls of Gomorgh

The Unearthed Temple (Part 3)

Welcome to Knife's Edge

Memorable Quotes

  • “Savra! Beer me!” – Autis
  • “We’re held in high regard slash fear” – Autis
  • “Flipping birds” – Booger, when asked what he does.
  • “I pour things in things” – Pevren
  • “I am not maths” – Pevren


As the group travels back to the town of Knife’s Edge we learn from Booger that most halflings are slaves and are collared to show their status.

Alph the Caravan driver mentions in passing that the forest village of Greybark apparently has a “wizard” who is referred to as Mr Greenthumb, from Keystone.

Back in Knife’s edge there is some kind of commotion as two townspeople are addressing the rest of the population and trying to convince them of their plans for a communal plot that is being made available in a land release. The argument basically comes tow to Hathan, an ex-Clayfields miner, pushing for a much needed blacksmith, while Trawli, a financier, is pushing for a bank. The decision is left in the hands of Thadius.

Hathan chats with the group and mentions that Rormac and Lyle have been out at the Clayfields and there seems to be some strange goings-on.

Booger checks out the local markets in a deft piece of negotiation somehow ends up in the possession of five Velocawarys, three chicks and one egg.

Parched, the travellers head to the Wren’s Roost Tavern, the local watering hole. The barkeep is a burly woman who sports a tattoo of a wren clutching a knife in its beak. Much to the complete non-plussedness of the group, they are informed that the town’s mascot, Edgy the Dog, is missing. There is some heated discussion about the upstart mascot of neighbouring village of Drymouth, Dodgy the Rat, with the general consensus being that Dodgy is certainly no Edgy.

After visiting the tavern, our intrepid adventurers next visit local… “alchemist”, Pevren. It quickly becomes apparent that Pevren is a man who likes to enjoy the explodey things in life and doesn’t hesitate to experiment on himself and anybody fool enough to let him. Krastas agrees to let him take blood in order to try an increase his magical abilities. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

During his rambling conversation with the party, Pevren mentions that there has been strange things, magical things, disturbing things, happening at Black Rock in the Clayfields.

The party sets off to Black Rock on three of the Velos, seeking to meet Thadius at the site. Upon arriving they find Thadius commanding some escaped halfling slaves to "Return to town and help build the temple… "


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